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Bio Tour For Lazy Daz

Stingray Bio Bay Night Snorkel - 1“Lazy Daz” is the chosen vessel for this Specialized Adventure, experience three very unique aspects of our Cayman Marine Environment. Leaving the Yacht Club on a fast boat heading for Stingray City sandbar, we arrive as most other boats have left and finished their day; we will experience the Rays in the peace and quite just like days of old.


Next a very short jaunt to the barrier reef, and entering the crystal clear waters at dusk we will experience nocturnal sea creatures, and marvel at the illuminated corals and sea fans. Everybody will be armed with a high powered LCD underwater flash light, so as it turns to night you will explore all the nooks and crannies of our pristine reefs.


Back on Board we aim for Bioluminesscence Bay, which is one of only 12 Bio Bays Worldwide, where we will Experience the Mysterious Marine Light Display demonstrated by your captain. You too will be able to experience this strange phenomina first hand, just let you captain know and he will offer a floating noodle to lounge around in these mirror flat waters.




This is where we reach the fork in the path:


  • OPTION #1 is to speed back across the North Sound to complete our evenings entertainment, or
  • OPTION#2, we wisk you around past Starfish Point to Kaibo Yacht Club.


A favourite of Sailcayman’s, we will select a dock and enjoy the gentle breezes of the open air Beach Bar and Grill. With great appetizers, a full bar menu and exquisit cocktails, its a great way to wind down and discuss all of your very own first time Experiences. We are now a 20 minute gentle cruise from The Cayman Islands Yacht Club, and that Ladies and Gentlemen, is one of the very Best evenings entertainment that Grand Cayman has to offer.


Private Bio Bay and Starfish Beach.

Maximum passengers 10.
Duration 2 Hours and 15 minutes.
Starfish Beach at Sunset/Dusk Examine The Caribbean Seastar.
The World Famous Bio Bay Enjoy from our 34’ powerboat.
Or Swim in the Tantalising Bio Included Snorkel gear and life jackets Snorkel vests and swimming pool style Noodles.
Ice water and sodas, BYOB, Blue Tooth Music Available, Certified Captain.
All for the Special introductory price.

Book now on 1-345-916-4333
Or email neil@sailcayman.com

To Arrange your Private Bio Bay Experience!!