When our clients share the great times they had with Sail Cayman

With 4 boats in total, 2 sail boats and 2 power boats, Sail Cayman plays host to a wonderful variety of clients. As a tour company in the Cayman Islands, not only do we love, but we also feel that it’s vitally important to show our passengers a great time.

Sail Cayman invites all our passengers to share the fun times on our Facebook and Twitter pages and of course to share their hopefully positive opinions on Trip Advisor. We just LOVE it when our clients get behind their cameras and post photos like the ones below that was taken by Davo Hidalgo on a recent charter.

Thank you so much Davo, photos like yours truly capture the magic of Cayman, the beauty of our sail boats, the magic of Caribbean sunset and the clear blue waters that surround the Cayman Islands.

Sail Cayman can’t wait to post the next pics, send them over with your comments and we will post, blog and share with all our past, present and future clients.